all right

all right
1 /". './ adjective, adverb (not before noun) spoken
1 SATISFACTORY satisfactory or acceptable but not excellent: "What's the food like?" "Well, it's all right I suppose, but the place on Melrose Avenue is better." | "How's school going, Steve?" "Oh, all right, I guess."
2 UNHARMED/WITHOUT PROBLEMS not hurt, not upset, or not having any problems: Katie looked really unhappy - I'd better go and make sure she's all right. | be getting on all right (=not have any problems or difficulties): The kids seem to be getting on all right at school.
3 go all right to happen without any problems: Did everything go all right with your test?
4 be doing all right to be successful in your job, life etc: She's doing all right - she's got a job with Microsoft.
5 SUITABLE used when saying whether something is suitable or at a good time: I'd really like to see you - would Thursday morning be all right?
6 it's all right used to make someone feel less afraid or worried: It's all right, Mommy's here.
7 it's all right/that's all right
a) used as a reply when someone thanks you: "Thanks for all your help!" "That's all right - it was nothing really."
b) used to tell someone that you are not angry when they say they are sorry for something: "Sorry I'm late." "That's all right."
8 is it all right if/would it be all right if used when asking if you can do something: Is it all right if I close the window? It's getting cold in here.
9 it's/that's all right by me used to agree with someone's suggestion: "Do you think we could finish early today?" "That's all right by me."
10 it's all right for you/her etc used to say that someone else does not have the same problems and difficulties that you have: It's all right for you - you don't have to work with her every day. She's driving me crazy.
11 CHECK UNDERSTANDING (sentence adverb) used to check that someone has understood what you said, or to show that you have understood: I'll leave the key with the neighbours, all right? | "Connect the positive first and then the negative." "Oh I see, all right."
12 GREETINGS especially BrE used when greeting someone and asking about their health, what has happened to them recently etc: Hi, Stuart - you all right? | "How are you John?" "Oh, all right - mustn't grumble!"
13 she's/he's all right BrE used when you like someone: "She's not bad our boss is she?" "No, she's all right."
14 CERTAINLY used to admit that something is true, especially when saying that you also think that something else is not: Wayne's experienced enough all right, but I don't know if he's right for this particular job.
-see also: a bit of all right bit 1 (20) 2 interjection
a) used when agreeing with someone's suggestion or agreeing to do something: "Why don't we go to a movie?" "All right. Do you want to stop at Gino's for a pizza first?"
b) used when agreeing to do something or to allow something, even though you do not want to: "Can I play with my new computer game?" "Oh all right then - so long as you don't make too much noise."
a) used when saying that you have heard and understood what someone has said, especially when you are annoyed: "The train leaves at 5.30." "All right! I'm just coming!"
b) used when asking what has happened or what someone means, especially in an angry or threatening way: All right, what have you two been doing with that knife?
3 INTRODUCE/CHANGE SUBJECT used to introduce a new subject or activity: All right, folks, I'd like to introduce our first speaker this evening.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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